Friday, April 16, 2010

Juicy Girl's 400 Followers Giveaway

I heart Barbie. I have only two Barbie dolls my mom gave me when I was a kid. I envied my neighbor who have dozens of Barbie dolls, tons of clothes plus a Barbie car and a house. And, she has Ken too. When Willow was just months old I was soo excited and bought her my fave toy. My hubby was telling me to wait till Willow gets older and play w/ dolls. I didn't listen. Poor Barbie, Willow just transformed her into a teething ring. I guess she was too young to appreciate Barbie. I never knew that Barbie has products for grown-ups. Thanks to Juicy Girl for the Barbie stuff giveaway.

*Cute Pinky Earrings*
*Stila Makeup Sponge*
*Barbie Lip Balm*
*Soap & Glory Body Spray*
*Model Own Nail Polish*
*Barbie All Dolled Up Face Mask*
*Pink Soda Lip Gloss*
*Soap & Glory Hair Supply*
*My Skin No Shine*
*Barbie Brush Set*
*Pink Bath Mitts*

Click here to enter Juicy Girl's 400 followers giveaway. Contest ends on April 22, 2010

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