Friday, April 23, 2010

My Falling Pandas

My baby Willow was feeling antsy today. She's extra clingy with me coz she has no one to play with. Her brothers are on vacation with their grandma at Bicol province and my hubby went to Davao today. She seems scared with just the two of us in our house. When she took her afternoon nap, I left her alone and I busied myself with some chores. She had a restless sleep and less than an hour she was already crying and calling me. My chores were left undone coz she wants to be cuddled. I urged her to play but she just threw the toys away. We just took a bath to soothe and pacify her. Imagine it was our third bath for this extremely hot day! I have headaches almost everyday since the summer season started.
After our dinner, she's still clingy & doesn't want to play so I turned on my pc and thought of something to amuse her. I placed a falling object widget on my blog. She love it. She was laughing heartily as she was watching the falling pandas on my blog. After a few minutes,Willow was asleep. I heart my cutie pandas, they just managed to save our day.


  1. The falling Pandas are awesome! I love Tarepanda, too! :-))

  2. Nice blog and stuff. Thanks for following my blog. ^ ) ^

  3. @than thao glad you like it. thanks for viewing.

    @jolly princess welcome. i ♥ your blog too.

  4. oo i used to made falling penguins on me blog hehe
    cute panda~

    xoxo elle