Thursday, April 8, 2010

I received my first winning giveaway, YAY!

Yay, I finally received my first winning giveaway from Lily's Valley. I won a Silver plated round pendant with hanging glass bead worth $15 on her February giveaway. I was only expecting a pendant bcoz that was the original giveaway but Lily was so generous and sent a silver necklace along with the pendant.

Forgive me I can only produce these blurry pics. My digicam is in dire need of a replacement,lol.
Thank you so much Lily. I will forever cherish my first winning giveaway from you.

Take a peek of the beautiful necklace at Lily's shop on Etsy - Jewellery by LOwusu. You can choose a variety of creative jewelries handcrafted by Lily Owusu.

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