Saturday, April 3, 2010

Amarettogirl Mega Easter Giveaway

Sooo Cuteee Prizes:

1. Two packs (one chocolate and one strawberry) of
Hello Kitty Poky Biscuit sticks with cream

2. One MEGA Hello Kitty 288 page Coloring and Activity book

3. One Pink polk-dot lanyard for your keys

Super Fun QUIZ me book!

4. One TY Beanie Babie Boo Koala with Extra big Eyes!

5.One silicone tray of mini Bunny face molds for Gelatin, makes 12 tiny 1" bunny faces. Easy-release tray is freezer, fridge, and dishwasher safe. 1" x 3 3/4" x 9" Check out the two pics!

Check out how cool!

6. One Jelly Belly Blooming Bottle of Jelly Beans

7. One Quiz Me Scrap Book/Journal going for $12.95 on Amazon right now!

8. Two Mystery Eggs One large green and one small pink(and NO I won't tell what's inside - it's a mystery!

9. Hello Kitty Sour Apple candy tin

10. SNIFF pack of Hello Kitty tissues (Sniff Tissues are pre-printed designer paper handkerchiefs. Invented in 1996 by Paper Products Design (Germany) they have gone on to be a worldwide best seller for the company. They are especially popular in the U.S.A. Designs range from seasonal ideas like Christmas tissues to more unusual designs like Pink Skulls n Hello Kitty!

11. Lollipops (including watermelon!)

12. Lets not forget the awesome lime green basket with gingham lined fabric!

13. T.B.A. she's including a signed print from either one of her photographs or illustrations.

From Jun Planning comes this sweet new offering: the poseable, portable Angel Dal! Brown-eyed Amy sports a big red bow in her black hair to match her cute cotton black-and-red dress. Her head turns, she's jointed at the shoulders and hips, and at 14.5cm tall (that's almost 5 3/4 inches), she's the perfect size to carry along!

Click here for more details and enter Amarettogirl's Mega Easter Giveaway. Contest ends on April 4, 2010.

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