Monday, March 29, 2010

Rant & Rave Time

Yesterday I was happy coz I gain 50 followers on Twitter... woot woot!! Perhaps, It may be not be a big deal but it was definitely a good feeling that peeps are interested on my tweets. One of my friends is already complaining. She says that I post a real tweet, lol, not a spam of contests and giveaways I join and holding on to an odd chance of winning. Well, it's all about chance anyways I believe on pure random luck, lolz. Getting back on my rant I lost one follower on twitter. Not another big deal but I'm a bit sad and in the mood for ranting. Why do peeps add you and remove you from their list? Why do they add you in the first place? I know you can't please everybody and who doesn't like giveaways? Or maybe I'm wrong, I almost forgot my friend who hates my post, lol. Enough with the rant I'm not a griper. There are lotsa good things to rave about like having my net connection again, yay and I'm so happy I won 3 giveaways just this March. Very lucky for a newbie sweepstakes lover. Technically it should have been four giveaways but I was late in getting in touch with the blogger of the giveaway I won. But I'm still happy I won that contest coz it was about making a caption and my idea was the first choice. Hoping to have more winnings to come this April, my birth month.


  1. hi sis congrats! I enjoy dropping by at your blog...lots of contest =)

    sadly I lost my other blog site... but I created a new one and I added you to my blog roll, I hope you can visit my new site

  2. thanks sis. sayang, ganda pa naman ng blog mo.