Sunday, February 21, 2010

mmmm...what to blog?

This is my first blog. I'm hesitant creating one though. I'm the kind of person who doesn't want much attention and just want to keep my life to myself and to close friends. I hate thinking what to write or what people want to read. I'm just not good with words. I already spent 10 or 15 mins just typing and deleting, typing and deleting and coming up with only 6 sentences, lol.

I will introduce myself I think this would be much easier. I'm Wilma Villena, married to Edward and I have 3 wonderful and a bit naughty kids. Their names are Gabriel my eldest, Luigi my second and Willow our unica hija. We live in the Philippines' capital city- Manila. I'm a working SAHM. My life right now revolves with my family and my pc. I so much owe my sanity to www. I ran out of things to say. I'll just mention that my site would probably contain most of my baby girl's achievements coz I'm a stagemom. And, contest, freebies coz most of my stagemom friends are into these it's like the latest trend in the stagemom world, lol. See yah

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